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Singhto Yobana  30/03/09   00:05:56 Date
Message Creative, extra-ordinary and very detailed. Love your work and believe you can do even better. Well done

Brandy Lau  27/03/09   00:35:53 Date
Message Hey Alia, Congratulation! Your works are incredible. I wish I could visit you and see your works in real one day. Finger crossed! When will you come to London and let's hang out?

Your MBA ex-mate, Brandy

Mutaz Rahman  22/03/09   06:31:48 Date
Message Dear Alia

I happened to open your web sit today, I was really amazed and moved with your excellent art work, I felt am in front of a great painter in today's life whose fingers are just speaking while the paining world around is silent .Your contributions to the field of Art in the Sultanate is felt and well appreciated. You do enjoy the sense of art within you; I guess still more hidden art works is yet to be born from you in the near future.

My best wishes to you always


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